How To Do Makeup? Makeup Techniques

Less is more when it comes to makeup. But there are some clever makeup tricks that will enhance your natural beauty. Read below 10 Makeup Techniques That Will Make You More Attractive and to know how to do makeup.

How To Do Makeup? 10 Makeup Techniques That Will Make You More Attractive

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How to do makeup?

#01   White Eyeliner

Research has shown that men find women with big eyes more attractive. And you can achieve this look with white eyeliner. Lining your lower, inner lash line with black pencil will make your eyes look a lot smaller.

So do the opposite, and use white along your waterline instead instant eye enlarger. And make sure you only use a thin black line above your upper lashes. A thick black line will cover up your eyelids, making your eyes look sunken.

#02   Pink Blush

Studies have shown that women seem more attractive when the hormone estrogen rises during ovulation. A visible sign of this hormonal change is pinker cheeks due to increased blood flow. Fake this glow all moth long with a bit of blush.

It can also be used to add definition to your face shape. This is another win when it comes to attractiveness. Smile when you apply, and sweep your blush brush over the apples of your cheeks. Blend out toward the tops of your ears.

#03   Red Lips

Red lips are a go to beauty look when you want to appear sexier. And there is actually a scientific explanation for this. As well as pinker cheeks, women also get redder lips when estrogen level rises.

There’s also been a study that shows that red lips grab attention for an average of 7.3 seconds. As women tend to have darker mouths than men, using dark red lipstick exaggerates this difference. And that makes the face appear more feminine.

#04   Natural Brows

Structured brows are essential to frame your face. But you don’t want to go overboard. Harsh eyebrows are an instant turn off. Building up shape and color slowly is the key to brows that look natural.

Fill in individual hairs with your brow pencil or brush, and work your way up to a complete look. And always pick the shade that’s meant for your hair color.

#05   Lashings Of Mascara

Although you might want to hold back on your eyeliner and eyebrows you want to take the opposite approach with your mascara long lashes will open up your eyes, and you can achieve this with a few coats of mascara. Like with your brows, you want to build up the layers.

If you attempt thick lashes in one go, you’ll end up with clumps. Get close to your lash line by blinking down onto the brush head. Wiggle your wand to the ends of your lashes to coat from root to tip.

#06   Prime Away

Applying makeup is like taking an exam: if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. When you prep your skin with a primer, you create a smooth canvas. This makes it much easier to achieve a flawless look.

Your primer will fill in lines and wrinkles. It can also help minimize enlarged pores and reduce excess oil. And your foundation will stay in place better and last longer. You can even help balance out skin discoloration by using a color correcting primer.

#07   Even Skin Tone

Research into human mate preferences shows that skin coloration and topography affect how youthful and attractive you look. Even skin tone and texture gives the impression of youth and fertility. Big ticks in the attractiveness stakes. Primer is the first step to achieving even skin tone. And then come foundation.

You might want to grab a beauty blender to apply your foundation as evenly as possible. And go for a sheer foundation to avoid that ‘caked on’ look. Remember to pop the same product onto your ears too, especially if yours go red when you get hot.

#08   Use Natural Light

Using natural light is one of the keys to applying your makeup evenly. Heavy foundation and a mismatched neck is not a good look. You want to be able to see clearly how well your foundation matches your actual skin tone. And how well you’ve blended it down your neck.

Artificial light will not show you the true picture. Open you curtains and let daylight flood in. apply your makeup by the window, at an angle so you don’t get shadows cast across your face.

#09   Eyes Before Face

The order you apply your makeup can play a big part in how good it looks. Many women think they should start with face makeup first, but you should actually begin with your eyes.

Mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow residue can fall onto your cheeks. You want to be able to remove this without smudging your foundation. If you do use eye shadow, remember that less is more. Heavy eye makeup is one of the biggest offenders in making women look older than they are.

#10   Makeup Setters

There’s no point spending all that time making your makeup look just right if it starts to slide as the day goes on. Just like you started off right with a primer, you want to finish off right too.

This is where makeup setting sprays of fixing sprays come in. They’re like a transparent topcoat over your makeup. Hold at arm’s length, apply a few squirts and let it dry naturally. It will help your makeup last longer and stay in place. Some sprays also help hydrate and keep you cool.

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