Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend. Spending your leisure time and weekends with your girl friend without knowing what you have to do is make your time bore and useless.

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

All of us want the same thing, more happiness, more joys, depression less life and charming with our life partner or girl friend.

Its a bit hard but doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Anyhow I am going to share with you some mind blowing ideas that going to help you to stay happily and deeper in her heart. 

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Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Fun Girlfriend

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

This article will explore the ideas of fun things to do with your girlfriend. 

Mostly all of us want to be the best partner of our loved ones, spend our time with them and take a huge place in their hearts.

There are many ways to do so but not all the ways are useful. The things and situation having fun in is the main part of the relation building process.

Read below some useful fun things to do with your girlfriend that will help you to come closer to them.

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Fun things to do with your girlfriend

#1    Unexpected Surprises

No doubt everyone like surprises, if someone shocked us with any surprise obviously it will be a great fun and enjoyable thing.

Same like that mostly girls like surprises and they wish if their friends give surprises. So it’ll make a fun if you give her unexpected surprise.

#2   Playing Games

Pretending to be child in any relation shows that you want to give n take love. Just like that if we play games with our friends it’ll bring more cheers and happiness on our face.

Playing video games or any other activity like a game will give our relation more happiness and joy. It’s a fun and extremely working tip in any relation.

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#3   Long Drive

Girls love to go on long drive. Going on long drive help us to decrease our stress and depression, it’s a useful thing if you take your girl friend on long drive.

You may have some coffee or snakes during your long drive with her favorite music. This will make her happy and joyful and she will like to more than before and will love to go with you again and again.

#4   Prank Call

Prank call is a funny thing to tease your girl friend. You can’t do it all the time but sometimes its give cheers to her.

She will like it and might be she’ll give you kisses and hugs when you will meet her. So try to do prank call to her sometimes and tease her.

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#5   Cinema Visit

Watching movies is the best fun with your girlfriend. First of all you should know what she like and what’s her taste.

Book the movie without knowing her and give her surprise. Spend time in cinema while you having pop corns and holding her hands in darkness of the theater is the best moment and its useful and working tip to come closer to her.

#6   Take Her Shopping

Girls love to go on shopping. Many girls expect that their boyfriends take them to shopping.

It doesn’t mean that they going to empty your wallet, they just love to walk around and spend time with you. So take them to shopping is very good idea to have fun with your girlfriend.

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#7   Start Swimming

Swimming is just like a playing game with your girlfriend as I mentioned above. Many girls love to do competition with their boy friend in any area either it’s a game or swimming or race,’ whatever’.

Take your girlfriend to swimming and try to start a race with her and let her win.  


#8   Running or Cycling

Go on walk or running with your girlfriend, such kind of things always girls appreciate and love to do it.

Do some naughty things while you are with her. Don’t force her to play the game that you like. Be cute with her during all activity.


Fun things to do with your girlfriend, these tips are quite enough and useful for you to make miss your girlfriend. Mostly all girls love to do these activities. You can take a deep place in their heart.

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Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend



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