10 Foreplays Tips For Him

Today’s topic is looking at the different female body parts that should be stimulated during foreplay. Foreplays tips for him.

Foreplays Tips For Him

A big mistake that guys always make during sex is just going in for the cue and almost attacking a woman’s nipple, clitoris, and vagina with totally forgot rest of the body parts.

foreplays tips for him

Foreplays Tips For Him

Just imagine if you are watching your favorite sports match on TV, and your girlfriend suddenly took the remote from you and play the last 30 minutes game fast. This would annoy the hell out of you.

And most women are annoyed when you just do fast foreplay and goes straight into sex. In many sex sessions mostly guys just do 2 or 3 minutes kisses, touch the breasts and move straight away to her hot spot with the finger, mouth or penis.

I am sorry to say guys but this is not going to satisfy the woman.

So I am going to explain some much better ways of foreplay’s that everyone should use that will satisfy boy or girl and result will more frequent sex.

In my opinion, the best way to start foreplay is with a massage. Have her lay on her stomach and run your nails over her neck, back, bum and legs and then retrace those same areas with soft kisses before using some oil or cream to massage those areas.

After the massage, you can turn her onto her back and start with kissing her lips. As you are kissing her lips, your hands should be touching all parts of her body except for her breasts, clitoris, vulva and vagina.

Foreplays Tips For Him

foreplays tips for him

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By not touching these areas, you will tease her in a good way and build positive sexual tension.

You would then move your lips away from hers and start kissing her neck and move up towards her ear lobes which you can kiss and gently bite.

From here you could kiss across her shoulders and then place her arms above her head like this.

The underside of the forearm and upper arms is very sensitive and most girls will find it pleasurable when these areas are kissed and touched so go ahead and do that.

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As you kiss your way back down her arms, I suggest you by pass her breasts and kiss down along her ribs and stomach.

You’ve now worked your way down to the bottom of her stomach and in my opinion; this is the most important part of foreplay. You really want to resist the temptation to stimulate her clitoris, vulva and vagina at this point and just kiss close to but around all these areas until you reach her thighs.

Once you reach the inner thighs, and this is where foreplay magic really happens. The inner thighs are very sensitive and will often drive women wild when stimulated so be sure to spend a lot of time in this area.

After the inner thighs, I would then work my way back up the body without touching the hot spot and again start kissing her lips. Whilst kissing the lips you could now start using your hands to touch her breasts and also her clitoris, vulva and vagina.

foreplays tips for him

Regarding the use of your hands and fingers in this area, start out very soft and gentle and don’t be too forceful. Foreplay should be a marathon, not a sprint and you want to start out soft and build the tension.

From kissing her lips, you can then move down to kissing her breasts before finally continuing down to perform oral sex.

As you can see, that approach is vastly different to the usual rushed or nonexistent foreplay that takes place and I am incredibly confident that the vast majority of women will really enjoy and appreciate that sexual experience and the unselfish effort you have made.

And just so that you have somewhat of a time guideline, the massage should take around 10 minutes, then all the foreplay that does not involve the breasts, clitoris, vulva and vagina may take around 10 minutes and then oral sex should last for at least 10 minutes, but could last as long as 30 minutes or more.

So that means that there should ideally be at least 30 minutes spent on foreplay before you have conventional sex with your partner. Obviously I realize that this is not always possible for parents or those with time restrictions, but if you aren’t restricted by time then definitely keep these suggestions and guidelines in mind.

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foreplays tips for him


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