3 Steps To Impress & Convince

Steps To Impress & Convince

Impress & Convince! Today we are going to reveal some important steps to impress and convince anyone in your daily day life. After you read this article  am going to share with you a very important topic that will change your whole life. 3 Steps To Impress And Convince.

It’s about how can you impress and convince anyone with easily in three simple steps.

3 Steps to Impress & Convince

Impress & Convince

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#1   Become a Connector Detector

You would listened many times about metal detector that police or security guard use to detect the metal on airports or any official authorities. 

You have to become the detector same like this but a bit different than metal detector. You have to identify the connector of people’s life.Everyone have some connectors in their lives, business works with logic but peoples are emotional.

And every emotional person has any connector, just with a single touch you can connect with them. You’ve to identify the emotional connector of a person and connect with it.

i.e if you have a mobile shop and a man came in the shop and say that brain gone mad if the mobile’s battery die quickly, here what did you get? you found the connector.  Battery low is the connector of that person.

In every one’s life have needs, interests, concerns and expectations. From these things you have to find the connector.

You have to identify the connector not of your life, you have to find the connector of other person’s life.

What is it mean?  It means that you don’t have to be interesting, you have to be interested. Interesting peoples can’t do anything in their lives, you have to be interested.

If you start to take interest in someone’s life then he will get interested in you. You can’t convince or impress anyone with talking about yourself;

if you want to convince or impress anyone then you have to talk about him. That’s why you do not have to be interesting you have to be interested.

You have to find the connector of the person that you want to do convince and impress. Connector may be like sports, movies music, motivation inspiration speeches and gadget.

For girls may be selfie and cooking for housewives. In first step you don’t need to go in detail, just catch some lines, some connector lines and identify the connector. And after you find the connector just repeat the connector.

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One Powerful Tool

 Parroting – Paraphrasing

After you identify the connector just do parroting or paraphrasing and repeat it.

When you repeat the connector then the person in front of you will think about you and he will feel that you understand him. He will realize that you are connected with his feelings and emotions. 

Before improving your dealing level you have to improve your feeling level. When your feeling level will build up then your dealing level will automatically boost. As I mentioned above do parroting or paraphrasing and repeat his words.

  • Connector>>>>>>>Detect
  • Connector>>>>>>>Repeat

It was the first step and now I will move towards second step.

2:- RAPP Analysis

In second step you will do RAPP Analysis. What is RAPP Analysis?

R-   Recreation

A-    Aspiration

P-   Profession

P-    Problem

As such now you already connected from the beginning with the person now you will get more inside to his life. To getting more in his life is not Sympathy, it’s Empathy.

Sympathy means we will say to him I am with you always and if you need me anytime just call me. Empathy means feel like how does he is feel, think like how does he think and so on.

Go in more details and find how to come recreation, what does he is like? What does he dislike?

It does not depend on your content or conversation; it depends on sincere intent, how much you successfully get deep inside him. Same you will get deeper connect with him.

And the person will become fan of you. Go more inside the person to understand his aspiration, where he wants to go? What he want to be in his life? What is the aspiration in his life?

Understand his profession; try to know about his problems. This is the part when you can go deep in his life.

In first point you found the connector being a connector detector then you repeat the connector now you got more inside him.

RAPP Analysis would be done with very carefully and intentionally, with his deep thoughts and that’s why I call it as Nice Analysis.

Impress & Convince

Nice Analysis

  • Need
  • Interest
  • Concern
  • Expectation

Slowly you will leave a very strong impression on his life. Leaving impression on others is called make impress others.

Impress & Convince

3:- Building a Life Time Impression

Impression means effect and impress word came from impression. When you’ll be successful to create good effect on his mind then he won’t forget you whole of his life.

Now might be your will think that you don’t know how to communicate others then how you can put life time impression on him.

So you should know it’s not about communication it’s all about comm-you-nication. It’s not about informing peoples it’s all about involving peoples. Impression can be good and bad. Many things in our lives can build good impression and bad impression.

In management it’s called extreme customer delight. For example near to your house there would be many barber shops but you go to only a specific barber, there would be many grocery shop but you go mostly to the one grocery shop, etc.  

Even you will not bother the distance but you will go to special shop who build a people skill develop and create a life time impression on you. You have to create life time impression with extreme experience on others mind. 

Extreme experience will generate a long life impression successfully. If with anything you successfully create deep impression to impress others which no one will did with him then he will remember you whole of his life.

3 Steps To Impress & Convince

Impress & Convince

Now we will summarize the whole article.

  • First of all identify the connector (Repeat the connector)
  • Do the RAPP Analysis (Nice Analysis)
    • RAPP– Recreation / Aspiration / Profession /Problem)
    • Nice– Need /Interest /Concern / Expectation
  • Building a Life Time Impression


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