10 Ways You Can Use Mind Control In Everyday Life

Mind Control

For centuries, people have been obsessed with the idea of mind control. If you don’t believe you can compel someone to do exactly what you want, you’ll be converted into a believer after reading this article. Ways You Can Use Mind control In Everyday Life

Just wait until you see the easy way you can skip to the front of the line everywhere you go. You won’t want to miss it!

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Today we’ll be sharing 10 ways you can use mind control in everyday life.

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Ways You Can Use Mind Control In Everyday Life

#1   Flooding Smile

It’s always nice to greet someone with a smile, but if you really want to make a good first impression, you have to flash the right kind of smile. Whether it is a boss, a teacher, or your crush, the way you show off those pearly whites will wither make or break your relationship.

Researchers advise that you shouldn’t immediately smile at someone the second you greet them. If you do, you’ll give the impression that you give that same exact smile every single person you meet and that’s a big no-no.

Everyone wants to feel unique and special, and you can elicit this response on stranger, or an acquaintance by delaying your smile. It’s actually called the flooding smile, and it’s a mind control trick that will make anyone instantly like you.

So the next time you get introduced to someone new, pause and look at the person’s face for a second. Then, slowly let out a big and warm smile that flood over your face and overflows into your eyes. Delaying your smile for less than a second will make you come across as more sincere and more likeable.

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#2   Make Anyone Like You

We all want to be liked, but it’s not always easy to win people over. If you’re the new kid in school or you’ve just started a new job, getting people to think highly of you is usually your first order of business.

But now, you’ll never have to worry about whether people like you or not ever again. This is simple mind control trick will put anyone under your spell! The next time you’re with a group of people, focus in on one person who you really want to be friends with. Occasionally look at that person no matter who else in the group is talking.

When your interest is drawn to one particular person, you’re showing them that you’re interested in them what they have to say, and their reactions. They instinctively start to like you right away! You don’t want to be creepy about it, of course.

By starting at someone too much, you can actually make them feel uncomfortable. So just make sure you’re casually glancing over at your target every now and then. Let you gaze bounce back and forth between the other members of group and the person you want to get closer to. Make sure to come back to our comment section and let us know how amazing this mind control trick worked for you!

#3   Repeat Yourself

Some people may think it’s rude to repeat them over and over again just to get their point across. But this is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to mind control techniques.

You’ll be a amazed by how you can persuade a group of your friends into sharing your same opinions and beliefs no matter how crazy they may be. The trick is to say something more than enough times to get your friends to actually start believing in it. For example, let’s say you really want to see your favorite singer in concert, but your friends think the singer is lame. Instead of pouting, complaining and begging your friends to join you, use this mind control trick instead.

The next time you’re with your friends, start talking about how amazing the singer is and how they’re better than all the other artists in the music industry. Studies have shown that if you repeat your opinion just three times you’ll have a 90% chance of converting at least three of your friends to share the same opinion.

And get this, research has shown that even if the idea is crazy, wacky, and all sorts of outrageous. It still has the same likelihood of convincing other to believe it. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try for yourself!

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#4   How to Cut in Line

When you enter your local coffee shop of cafeteria at your school, you probably instantly walk in the back of a very long line. The polite thing to do is wait your turn. But sometimes, we’re in a hurry, and we just need to be in and out of somewhere as quickly as possible.

So what are you supposed to do when you see a long but you’re short on time? Well, you don’t want to walk to the front of the line. That’s the quickest way to make a bunch of new enemies and get you into some serious trouble. So instead, try out this mind control trick that will always push you in front of the line no matter where you go.

It’s all in the way you speak to people and the power of persuasion. You don’t need to come up with an elaborate excuse either. All you need to do is use the word “BECAUSE.” THAT’S RIGHT. This simple word holds the key to you either being at the back of the line or at the front. So here’s what you do. Let’s say you’re in the school library.

And you’re standing in line to make copies on the copy machine. Instead of tapping the person’s shoulder in front of you and saying, “may I cut the line?” say this instead: “excuse me. May I use the copy machine because I’m really in a rush.” Studies have showing that by using the word “because” in their demand, people had a 94% chance of cutting the line.

Everyone in the line needs to make copies, but if you can provide a valid excuse by using the word “because,” people are more likely to help you out by letting you move to the front of the line.

#5   Take a Hike

This next mind control will work on your crush like a charm! This technique has been studies numerous times and it’s the quickest way to bond with someone and to make them feel all warm and fuzzy when they’re with you.

Through different studies, scientists have discovered that if you perform a synchronized activity with someone, you will both feel more connected to each other. It doesn’t even have to be something intensive and grueling.

It could be things a simple as singing songs together, reciting chants, going for a walk, or even taking a hike together. Researchers found that people who engage in synchronous activities are more likely to cooperate with each other. And also, they’re way more willing to go out of their way for each other.

So if you are really wanted to get closer to the guy or girl of your dreams suggests an activity where the two of you can do something fun together and in unison. It hiking isn’t an option, you could always go for a walk around the block, take a bike ride down the boardwalk, or go rollerblading side by side. As long as the two of you are together and doing the same thing at the same time, your crush will be eating out of the palm of your hand in no time!

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#6   Be Quiet

If you’re really shy or an introvert, you’re probably already nailing this mind control trick without even realizing it! But if you’re a really talkative person and you always have a lot to say, you could really benefit from this technique.

Studies have shown that those who remain quiet at work and in social settings put themselves in a greater position of power. O, let us explain it in further detail. If you‘re chatting with someone at work or at school, it’s better to listen and allow them to do all the talking.

By giving them control over the conversation, they will eventually ask you to speak up and share your opinion. When you finally start to talk, they will be all ears. The spotlight will be on you, and anything you say will hold more weight. This is also a great way to increase your credibility and to make sure your ideas and suggestions are always taken into consideration.

Another mind control technique that really works is called the Ransberger Pivot. This is the perfect way to win an argument without lashing out and making the other person feel threatened. The time you’re in a heated debate with a friend or family member, allow them to make their point as you sit and wait quietly. Take the opportunity to really understand what they’re saying and try to understand their point of view.

Then, offer up a solution that combines some of what they want and some of what you want so the two of you can meet on common ground. They’ll think they’re getting their way, but in fact, you’ll both be coming out as winners and getting your need met.

#7   Tell a Lie

Some people are completely against mind control techniques because they believe they’re tied to the illuminati. The CIA’s MK-ultra program reportedly used mind control on participants, otherwise known as slaves.

The slaves could then be triggered to perform any action that was required of them. But this post is all in good fun. Even though some of the techniques can enhance your life, your career, or your education, they should never be use to do any harm. This next technique is all about how to get away with telling a lie.

But, of course, we’re not here to encourage lying either. This is just a fun trick you can do with your friends to test out your mind capabilities. If you want a friend to believe your lie, all you have to do is add an embarrassing detail about yourself. So how does this work exactly? Well, let’s say your friend wants you to spend the night at their house.

Instead of saying, “Sorry, I can’t,” throw in a little embarrassing lie to really get your point across. Tell them you stay overnight because the last friend’s house you at you accidently wet the bed. Your friend will definitely believe you, and chances are, they’ll never invite you to spend the night at their house ever again.

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#8   Control the Conversation

Here’s a really fun mind control trick that will help you control the flow of a conversation in a very cool way. In order to do this trick, pick one of your friends to be a guinea pig for your demonstration.

Next, spark up a simple conversation with them. As soon as they start talking, pick up on a word that they’ve said at the beginning of the conversation. Any world will do. Now, continue engaging in conversation with your buddy and every time they say the chosen word, give them some sort of positive affirmation.

For example, let’s say you picked the word “funny.” Each time your friend says anything with the word “funny” in it you can praise them by smiling, nodding your head, or responding by saying something simple. Every time your friend hears your positive affirmation, they will subconsciously want to continue pleasing you.

So, they’ll keep saying the chosen word as many times as possible just so they can receive your approval. This trick works perfectly on almost anyone in any type of situation. Will you be giving this conversation mind control technique a try on one of your friends?

#9   The Perfect Nod

If you want to get what you want or have someone agree with you, all you have to do is nod while you talk. Researchers have found that when you nod a lot in front of someone, it’s natural for other to do the same.

Since humans are known for mimicking behavior, this really doesn’t come as surprise. If you want to give this a try, this mind control trick is great to use on your parents. Let’s say your parents are always hesitant about letting you go out with friends on the weekend.

To get them to finally agree to let you out the house, start nodding your head before you even begins to ask for permission. Then, ask them if you can hang out with friends on Saturday night as you continue to subtly nod your head up and down.

This nodding movement will subconsciously trick your parents in to saying yes! But we know you don’t believe this trick actually works. So, you’ll need to try it out on your parents the next time you want them to agree to something. You’ll be amazed to see a strict parent instantly become more lenient after you use the nodding technique.

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#10   The Eyes

If you have a huge crush on someone and you really want them to feel the someway, it’s time to use some mind control tricks to get what you want! Many people believe you can make someone fall in love with you by looking into their eyes.

And guess what? There’s actual research that proves this is true! A 1989 study encouraged two strangers to gaze into each other’s eyes for two minutes. In some of the results, this led to the subjects experiencing passionate feelings for each other. Since eye contact is such a powerful tool, it’s one of the first mind control tricks you should practice to turn your crush into your significant other.

Just look directly into your crush’s eyes. Maintaining eye contact will release a chemical in their body that will make them feel like they’re falling in love. Some people suggest you should look into both of your crush’s eyes, but this is extremely hard to do. Others suggest you could stare at the bridge of their nose instead, but this is really unnatural and it might not produce the same effect.

Just fry to gaze into their eyes as naturally as without scaring them off. The longer you can hold the gaze, the more likely your crush will fall head over heels in love with you!

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