Designer Brands: Tacky Brands That Are Making A Comeback

In the fashion world, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out, at least, according to Tyra Banks. Tacky Fashion Designer Brands That Are Making A Comeback.

Tacky Fashion Designer Brands That Are Making A Comeback

But some designer brands become so out that even thinking about wearing them would land you on a worst dressed list in seconds. Which makes it surprising that one early 2000’s designer brands is making a total comeback!

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Now let’s take a look at 10 tacky designer brands that are making a comeback.

10 Tacky Fashion Designer Brands That Are Making A Comeback


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Back in the 70’s and 80’s the sports brand, Ellesse, was pretty popular. Hitting its stride in 1985 when their brand was sported by that year’s Wilmbolden champion. The truth is, Ellesse had a big presence it the sportswear world.

They also were the official sponsors of Ferrari’s formula 1 tam and the Italian national soccer team. Needless to say, they were all over the place in Europe which is also a little surprising considering they started off as a skiwear brand.

Sadly, though they were slated to dominate the world, by the 90’s Ellesse was fading fast. They just couldn’t compete with the powerhouses like Nike and Adidas. Then, the brand sold 90% of its stock for peanuts, and it look like it was time to throw in the towel. That was until now.

Thanks to the rise of athletic wear as day to day wear, Ellesse has a brand new audience. In the 2010’s they started re-branding, and it’s totally paying off. Stores like ASOS have pushed this brand into the spotlight, and the fashion world is gobbling it up!

Now you can’t scroll through instagram without seeing your favorite fitness model rocking Ellesse. And we have to admit it; we kind of love this comeback!

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We never thought we’d say it, in fact, we hoped we never had to, but, von Dutch is making a comeback. Those of you, who aren’t familiar with this brand, consider yourself lucky.

These tacky trucker hats were all the rage in the early 2000’s. Thanks to celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton. After about 2009, if you were caught wearing a Von Dutch hat, there’s a good chance your friends needed to have a fashion intervention with you.

The brand became laughable, and more of an accessory you’d wear if you were going to a costume party dressed as a stereotypical frat guy. And because of it was so embarrassing to admit that you even wore a Von Dutch hat when it was popular, we are absolutely shocked to see its resurgence.

It all started when Kylie Jenner rocked a Von Dutch cap in an instagram selfie. Not once, not twice, but three times! So of course, her millions of followers had to get their hands on their own.

And thanks to the power of social media, the brand is now 2018’s go to accessory to keep the sun out of your eyes or for looking cool in your social media selfies. We are hoping this is a comeback that fades fast!

#3   FILA

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If you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably missed the fact that sports brands and logos are everywhere in fashion these days.

That means smaller athletic wear companies from the past are now being pushed back into the spotlight. Just look at the Fila for example. Back in the 80’s and 90’s this brand was huge.

But for some reason, it didn’t make its mark in the new millennium. In fact, when someone wore Fila it seemed like they were either cheap off didn’t care about being fashionable. Then, something crazy happened.

The brand started getting popular again, and no one really knows how it happened. It started around 2015 when Fila collaborated with urban outfitters to create a retro line for women.

The moves were made in hopes that millennial would accept the brand with open arms, and guess what? It totally worked, now you can see celebs like Rihana and Rita Ora sparing their Fila duds all over the world. 

What makes it even better is the fact that their prices make Fila accessible to everyday people like us. Now we don’t have to break the bank to look like celebrity, and that’s a win – win if you ask us!

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#4   CROCS

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Full disclosure, this next sentence is going to be really hard for us to say without gagging. But, we have to say it anyway. Crocs are making a comeback. Okay, okay, read it out.

We all know this not only a tacky brand but also their footwear is just so – so bad. Like, we wouldn’t be caught walking around in these shoes even if we were in the comfort of our own homes.

But, there is one redeeming quality of this brand, their products are really comfortable. Which has made them all the rage in retirement homes and family gardens. So, how on earth are they making a comeback? Well, surprisingly, they brand has owned their tackiness and is embracing it with their new advertising.

And, it doesn’t hurt that they featured drew Barrymore in the new ads. Apparently, this has been a lucrative move for Crocs. They are calling it the Barrymore affect. After her ad debuted, resale of Crocs on Thredup, increased by 25%, jumping from 65% to 90%, making it one of the most popular brands on the resale website.

Then there is the fact that they keep popping up at fashion weeks around the world. Whether you like it or not, Crocs are here to stay, and we all just have to get used to it.


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If you were born after 1996, you probably have never even heard of esprit. But, through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s you could find this brand all over the place. Sprite was the epitome of preppy, feel good fashion.

They featured bright colors, stripes, and really simple designs. This made the back of fashion, favorite for college kids across America. It was until the late 90’s when we started seeing a change in the fashion world.

The brand just wasn’t cool anymore, and people didn’t want their mass produced designs. So, like pretty much every other brand on this list, esprit faded into the background.

So much so they even shut down the label in 2011. Who knew they were waiting for the perfect time to make a comeback? And it’s looking like that time is now! Back in 2016, the brand collaborated with open shop to drop a new line of a affordable clothing targeted at millennial shoppers.

The updated look and accessible prices sealed the deal, and millennial ate it up! Not only are their new designs fashion forward, but they look really cozy as well. They are perfect for people wanting to experiment with their look and not break the bank at the same time!

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#6   COACH

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Ok, so it hasn’t been long since coach accessories were popular. College and high school girls across the world couldn’t wait to get their hands on their first coach purse or wallet.

There’s a pretty good chance you still have a coach purse in the back of your closet. There is a reason you aren’t rocking it anymore. That’s because things got a little out of hand when the brand was literally everywhere.

Coach just couldn’t keep its reputation as luxury brand if everyone had one. They even had outlet stores and wound up in big box chains like Sam’s club. Any true fashionista knows that you don’t go shopping for designer duds at value stores.

designer brands

So needless to say, coach was no longer the must have accessories. Thankfully, coach was wise to the lack of sales and started re-branding back in 2013. They’ve ditched their tacky logo heavy patterns and have turned to a more modern look.

Just take a peek at their 2015 line of holographic leather bags. Aren’t they fabulous, and so current? It’s proving to be a good move for the brand, as their sales are slowly going back up and show no sign of slowing down!

#7   UGG

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There’s a good chance you still see people rocking their UGG boots across campus. Though they have gotten a reputation for being basic, they are still really cozy and warm.

Why it’s been hard for some people to let go of their UGGS. That being said, they may also be fashionable once again. Back in the early 2000’s you could throw a stone and probably hit a girl wearing these tacky boots.

Heck, it’s possible you could have hit a guy as well. The shoes were symbols of not only fashion, but of status. Their hefty price tag meant not everyone could afford them, but it didn’t take long for knockoffs to start showing up. As soon as that happened, having UGGS or UGG inspired kick was no longer trendy.

Now, fast forward to present day and it seems like this footwear brand has a complete makeover. Designer Jeremy Scott and Phillip Lim have injected new life into this tacky boot company.

They have created new relevant designs that are heavily influenced by pop culture. And the fact that everyone from Rihana to Jennifer lopes has been spotted wearing UGGS, it’s safe to say these comfy sheepskin booths are totally back!

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Surprise, surprise, we have yet another athletic wear brand showing up on this list. And honestly, this one is probably the most shocking of them all. Because champion is one of the most affordable brands on the list.

Their clothing has been in Wal-Mart stores for years, can synonymous with comfy sweatpants. So, how on earth did a company that makes clothing for couch potatoes become fashionable and cool?

It was their collaborations with other brands that got the ball rolling. Labels like supreme and vetements showed interest in creating lines with champion, and we have to admit, they were pretty awesome.

The higher ups at champion were smart to capitalize on the current fashion trends. Now that athletic wear is all the rage, making luxury sportswear was a no brainer for the nearly century old brand.

It’s even become a favorite amongst celebs like Selena Gomes and Kourtney Kardashian. While the brand is still featured in Wall-Mart stores, it’s also been able to graduate too many street wear stores like urban outfitters.

It just proves that champion is going to be around forever as long as the keep up the trend of adapting to the times. And considering how comfortable their clothes are, we have no problem with that!


designer brands

Back in the 90’s you couldn’t walk around a college campus without spotting dozens of people rocking Birkenstocks. The comfy sandals were effortless, and easy on the feet of busy undergrads.

But there was one issue, they were just plain ugly. By the 2000’s these simple sandals became a total fashion faux pas. They became synonymous with hippy culture, and Gen Xers who wouldn’t let go of their college years. Then around 2015, something strange happened.

Birkenstock’s and look alike started popping up on fashion runways around the world. This was thanks to a new turned taking over the fashion worlds called “ugly-chic.” They have even been spotted on the feet of fashionistas like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

What’s even crazier is that they have been able to become relevant again without even caring about fashion. The brand doesn’t care about being fashion forward or with the times.

They remain true to their promise of providing comfortable shoes to the masses. It just so happened that they also are totally on turned these days.

Just don’t get caught wearing them with socks, because we’d still have to question your sanity! While we are all about trends being comfortable, we still aren’t running out to snatch a pair for ourselves. What about you?

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designer brands

Oh yes, you read that correctly, juicy couture is back! The brand first became popular in the early 2000’s thanks to Paris Hilton and other celebs. The velour tracksuits scroll “juicy” across the bottoms of everyone.

From housewives to Hollywood listers had a good run. It became the uniform for women across the globe. Then, almost as soon as it blazed on to the fashion scene, its fire went out.

The brand didn’t age well, and in the eyes of many, it started feeling a little tacky. But, that wasn’t for long. In January 2018, juicy couture announced its comeback. The brand is slated to have show at New York’s infamous fashion week.

And, it seems like they’re taking a cue from other brands on this list and focusing on a younger demographic. It doesn’t hurt that the face of their company is ex most beautiful kid in the world turned social media influencer, Thylane Blondeau.

Out of all the brands on this list, we are the most excited to welcome back juicy couture to the fashion scene. To be honest, we never there out our old juicy tracksuits, so it’s just an added bonus they are popular again. Score!


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