10 STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money

When it comes to making some extra cash, there’s no limit to what some people will do to earn a living. For those who hate working a typical 9 to 5 job, they’ve found some pretty strange ways to make a buck. STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money.

STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money

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We’re sharing some weirdest and crazy thing to do for earn extra money.

Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money

STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money

#1   Sell Their Virginity

While some people want their first time to be special, others are looking to cash in on their first sexual experience by auctioning off their virginity.

Since the late 1990’s, numerous virgins have used the internet to sell their virginity for a large lump of cash. One of the most expensive virginity auctions occurred in March 2014 when 27 year old American medical student, Elizabeth Raine, received a final bid of $801,000 for her virginity.

In the end, she decided to back out of the deal but there’s always a chance her virginity will be up for grabs in the near future. Continue reading STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money

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#2   Subway Cramer

In major cities, finding an empty seat in packed subway is almost impossible. In Tokyo, Japan, congested subways is a major problem during rush hour, so cities have been forced to hire Oshiyas.

The Oyisha’s only job is to cram as many people as possible into a packed subway car before it rolls away. All day long, they push, shove and squish passengers behind the subway’s doors.

If anyone hops on and is unable to squeeze their body inside, the Oshiya will forcefully pull them out and force them to wait on the next subway’s arrival.

#3   Professional Sleeper

We all have to sleep, so why not get paid to do something that’s a natural part of life? There are actually some pretty lucky people out there who are employed as professional sleepers.

They get paid big buck to test out mattresses before they’re sold to the general public. While they sleep, their hear rate is monitored to determine how comfortable the mattress is.

When they wake up, they give a quick review on the quality of their sleep before collecting their paycheck. Continue reading STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money.

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#4   Selling Hair

For those who live in poverty, they resort to selling their hair to help pay the bills. In countries like India and Russia, people grow their hair out to long lengths and then sell the strands that are then used to make hair extensions.

18 inches of hair has never been treated or dyed can be sold for up to $300.

#5   Cuddle

If you are a single and you really need of some affection, there are people out there who you can paid the cuddlers.

Cuddling services are huge in cities like Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London. Cuddlers charge per hour and the most in demand professional cuddlers can make up to $300 a day or more. Continue reading STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money.

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#6   Sell Their Entire Life

In 2008, mike Merrill decided to sell him-self on the open market. He divided himself into 100,000 shares and sold them for $1 each. Friends, colleagues and complete strangers decided to buy in, and over time, they began to rule his entire life.

After mike decided to move in with his then girlfriend, a shareholder was upset and demanded all of mike’s future decisions be voted on and approved by all shareholders.

Decisions such as vasectomy, changing his hair color, buying a new card and breaking up with his girlfriend were all decided by his shareholders. 

#7   Sell Dirt

A man named Pat Burke from Tipperary, Ireland came up with the genius idea to sell dirt.

The Irish dirt is marketed to Irish immigrants who live stateside so they can carry a piece of home with them wherever they go. The soil is also used during funerals, and it’s sprinkled over a grave site as a tribute to the country.

You can buy a bag of soil for about $11, and pat is just one of many savvy businessmen who turned this strange business idea into a multi-million dollar company. Continue reading STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money.

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#8   Eat Food

Obesity is a major problem in many areas across the globe, but for some people, being overweight pays the bills.

A woman named Donna Simpson had dreams of becoming the heaviest woman in the world. She created a fantasy fetish community online and charged people $19 a month to watch her eat.

All the money she earned from her website was used to help pay her $1400 a month grocery bill.

#9   Professional Mourner

Planning a funeral is a stressful time in anyone’s life. But it’s even more stressful when you’re left to wonder how many people will actually show up to grieve.

For some families, they don’t want to run the risk of being embarrassed by a low funeral attendance. So they hire professional mourners to attend the funeral and grave-site.

Rent a mourner businesses are huge in the UK and Africa and these professional mourners do a pretty good job of giving people the impression that the deceased was an important and influential part of their lives. Who knew looking sad and crying on demand could be so profitable? Continue reading STRANGE Crazy Things To Do Earn For Money.

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#10   Get A Sugar Daddy Or Sugar Mama

For some men and women, working an office job is boring and unsatisfying. So instead, they go on the hunt for a sugar daddy or a sugar mama to help pay their bills.

A sugar baby names Jeanemarie Almulla enjoys an extravagant life styles. From eating at expensive restaurants, travelling to exotic locations, and having cold hard cash deposited into her bank account every single month.

Finding someone who will fund your entire lifestyle is no easy task. But Jeanemarie says she has numerous sugar daddies that cater to her every whim.

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