Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant seems like a pretty cool job, doesn’t it? You get to fly all over the world, meet people from all walks of life, and dress up every day in a spiffy uniform.

But there’s a hidden side to the airline industry that most people aren’t aware of. To be a flight attendant means you have to meet some very specific requirements, form your height and your weight to the number of tattoos you have on your body.

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Today we’re going to share with you the 10 strange requirements to work as a flight attendant.

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Just wait until you hear one airline’s rule when it comes to good dental hygiene. You don’t want to miss it.

10 STRANGE Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

#1   The Overhead Bin Test

The overhead bins are more than just storage compartments for your carry-on luggage. They’re also used to stuff flight attendants inside of! These photos of female flight attendants being crammed inside overhead bins were leaked to the public, and the public was outraged!

It’s not an official requirement that stewardesses be tiny enough to fit in these overhead bins. But these photos depicted a hazing ritual that’s far too common in the airline industry.

Reports claimed that male colleagues of a Chinese airline would force female flight attendants to participate in the bizarre ritual as a form of initiation. Sometimes, they would even shut the doors on the women and keep them trapped inside the bins!

When the airline caught wind of the photos, they released a public apology. They wanted the world to know that they didn’t condone any type of hazing between their employees.

They also vowed to discipline everyone who had been involved in that type of behavior. Many people would like to believe that rituals likes this one don’t happen at airlines across the globe. But we wouldn’t be surprised if many flight attendants for other companies have their own secret form of initiation.

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#2   Height

The airline industry in one place where they’re allowed to hire individuals solely based on their physical attributes. When it comes to being a flight attendant, people who are really short or extremely tall can’t apply.

In fact, most airlines have a minimum height requirement of 5’2” tall and a maximum height of 6’2” tall without shoes. There are some really good reasons why most airlines have these very specific height requirements in place.

Flight attendants need to be at least 5’2” in order to reach high spaces and to secure the overhead bins prior to a flight. But some airlines will actually hire people who are as short as 5 feet tall without shoes on. Btu when it comes to very tall attendants, having a height of more than 6’2” means they’ll probably have difficulty moving through the cabin, especially on smaller planes with low ceilings.

Then, there are some airlines that don’t have height requirements at all, but they do require that their attendants have a certain “arm reach”. For example, the Dubai-based airline Emirate requires its flight attendants to be able to reach 212 centimeters in the air while standing on their tiptoes. Do you thing flight attendants shouldn’t be so strict when it comes to height and arm reach requirements?

#3   Strict Rules For Women

This next requirement is something that’s very controversial in the airline world. For stewardesses who are married, they shouldn’t even bother applying to work for Qatar airways.

This airline also requires its female flight attendants to remain singe for the first five years of their employment. If a female attendant wants to get marries during that five year period, they have to ask permission for the company before they actually tie the knot.

Sounds pretty excessive, don’t you think? Well, it gets even worse. The airline also had a rule that requires all female attendants to notify them the second they found out they were pregnant. Being pregnant was considered a breach of their employment contact, so many expectant mothers wound up getting fired.

As we’re sure you can imagine, the airline caught a lot of heat for their employment demands, but the CEO of the company wasn’t budging at first. He expected all of the company’s attendants to abide by the rules and never complain. But Qatar airways have finally had a change of heart when it comes to pregnant attendants.

Instead of immediately firing them and giving them the boot, they’re now allowing them to work temporary jobs on the ground and away from the planes until their babies are born.

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#4   Visible Tattoos & Piercings

Many jobs across the globe have very strict policies when it comes to body modification like piercings and tattoos. And the airline industry is one place where these things are definitely frowned upon.

If you want to be a flight attendant, but you have a tattoo on the top of your hand, your chances of getting hired are slim to none. At British airways, they don’t mind if you have tattoos as longs as the ink. Isn’t visible on your body and can’t be seen through the uniform.

They also don’t allow their attendants to cover up their tattoos using makeup for those who have tattoos on their feet; they need not to apply to this airline at all. They ask that all their attendants wear a style of show that’s called “classic court”.

It exposes the top and sides of the feet, so hiding a tattoo in those areas would be almost impossible. But that’s not all. Piercings other than the ears are also not permitted. As ridiculous as these rules may sound, they won’t be changing anytime soon. If you’re thinking about applying to be a flight attendant one day but you have  a pretty cool nose piercing, you‘ll have to take the piercing out if you want to be a part of an airline crew.

#5   Survival Training

Airlines hope that their crew member never have to experience a terrifying situation while they‘re on a flight, but training in preparation for an unexpected disaster is always crucial.

Many airlines have their own forms of survival training that all attendants must pass with flying colors. But the training session with tam airlines is one of the most realistic and grueling. Flight attendants of this airline are required to travel to the company’s Sao Paulo, Brazil training facility for an extensive lesson on how to survive in case of an emergency.

After learning how to do fun tasks, like working the ticket counter and operating the front gate, the new employees are takes into the jungle to put their survival skills to the test. In the unfortunate even that a plane goes down and crashes, attendants are taught exactly what to do.

They learn how to gather wreckage from the plane to build shelter, and how to release emergency flares to signal for help. The attendants are also trained on how to get the whole crew and all of the passengers rescued in a timely manner.

Being a flight attendant is serious business, and it’s their job to make sure everyone is taken care of all times. Hopefully, none of the tam airlines flight attendants will ever need to put their survival training to use. But if the situation arises, they’ll have all the skills and knowledge needed to make sure everyone on board is safe and sound.

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#6   Hair

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, we’re sure you’ve noticed just how well put together the flight attendants perfect. Attendants on most airlines are flawlessly groomed from head to toe because it’s a major part of their job to look perfect.

Most airlines actually require their employees to have a “groomed look that meets a conventional standard”. So what does this mean exactly? Well, at British airways, female attendants must have hair and makeup that’s suitable for a professional environment.

Their look should also complement the airline’s uniform. For men, they have the same requirements. The only difference is, they aren’t allowed to have long hair, and their facial hair must be shaved and tidy at all times. Men and women both must have natural hair colors, so pink and purple streaks are a major no-no.

At American airlines, they’re a bit stricter when it comes to the way their attendants look. For women, they aren’t allowed to have a hairstyle that’s more than three inches in fullness. They also aren’t allowed to curl or wave their hair outward to give it more volume. And at Hawaiian airlines, they won’t accept any attendants that have dreadlocks, cornrows, or Mohawks.

#7   Jewelry

There’s a good reason why you’ve probably never seen a flight attendant all decked out in jewels. Many airlines have rules against the amount of jewelry their attendants can wear.

So if you’re a fan of getting all bilged out and dripping in diamonds from head to toe, maybe being an airline attendant isn’t the right job for you. At united airlines, their in-flight employees are able to wear a total of four rings in total, with no more than two rings on each hand. If you thing that’s pretty strict, just wait, it gets better.

At British airways, they’re very picky about accessories, even the types of watches their employees wear. The watch must be small in size with a very discreet and unassuming design. The watch can only be made of silver or gold, and the bracelet of the watch can only be made of metal or a brown or black leather strap.

At Jet Blue airlines, they’re not as uptight when it comes to jewelry. All they ask is that the accessories their attendants wear don’t clash with the airline’s uniform. But of course, an excessive amount of jewelry would never be tolerated.

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#8   Makeup

Makeup lovers who enjoy experimenting with their look would have a tough time being a flight attendant. The airline industry is all about minimal makeup that highlights their attendant’s natural beauty.

And they expect all of their attendants to abide by these rules. At united airlines, male flight attendants aren’t allowed to wear any form of makeup at all. For their women employees, lipstick and lip gloss are required for each and every flight.

They’re not too choosy when it comes to the appropriate lip colors, but they do expect the shade to complement the employee’s facial features. Lip liner is allows and encouraged, but it should only be used in moderation.

For attendants with allegiant air, they’re required to keep their makeup looking fresh at all times, and the airline expects them to do quick touch-ups or powder and lipstick as long as it’s not in clear view of any of the airline’s passengers. At emirates airline, they put a lot of emphasis on the way their attendants look.

Before a stewardess even steps foot on a plane, she must go through their airline’s two week training program. During the training, one full day is focused on the attendant’s image. Employees of the airlines are told how much foundation to wear and how to pick the right shade of bright red lipstick.

#9   Smile

Have you ever been greeted on an airplane by a flight attendant who didn’t have the best dental hygiene? The chances of that happening are very slim. As soon as you board an airplane, the first attendant you see is probably grinning from ear to ear with a beautiful smile.

And there’s a good reason why airline employees all have gorgeous smiles, nice teeth, and very fresh breath. Some airlines have very specific guidelines when it comes to their employee’s teeth, like American airlines, for example.

The company has “good oral hygiene” at the very top of its list of employee requirements. All flight attendants must have very clean teeth that are natural in appearance. Attendants are also required to have a full row of teeth without any gaps or teeth missing in action.

The attendants of this airline are allowed to wear dental retainers, but they must be the same colors as their gums or a clear color. As for braces, they should also be clear or silver-toned only. At a Las Vegas based airline called allegiant air, they take hygiene one step further by ensuring all of their employees have pleasant smelling breath. Attendants are always encouraged to use mints and breath sprays so their breath is always minty fresh.

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#10   Weight Requirements

This next requirement is not only really strange, but it has also been at the center of a lot of controversies. Air India received a ton of backlash after they weighed 3500 of their employees, and determined that 600 of them were obese or overweight.

They required the 600 employees to adhere to a strict diet and exercise regimen in order to have their employment reinstated. About 130 Air India attendants failed to reach their goal weight, and they were declared “permanently unfit” to continue their jobs as flight attendants.

According to the airline, their decision to terminate their employment was based on safety concerns and airlines regulations. But others called it sexist since the majority of the 130 fired employees just so happened to be women. But this wasn’t the first time the airline made the news for all the wrong reasons.

Air India has been slammed for its weight requirements since 80s, but they haven’t been forced to make any adjustments to their rules. They still expect all of their attendants to be physically fit so that they can perform their job correctly and administer emergency functions without any problems.

Other airlines aren’t as strict, but they do require there in flight employees to have a weight that’s in proportion with their height. For many companies, including Czech airlines, this means they judge their attendant’s physique by using the body mass index. The airline will only hire flight attendants who fall between a satisfactory BMI of 19-24. 9. Do you think having weight requirements is taking things too far? Don’t be shy to tell us what you thing in the comment section down below!

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