10 Signs Your Crush Wants To Be MORE THAN FRIENDS

We all want our crush to reciprocate our feelings. But how can we tell whether they’re into us or not? Discover the telltale signs that the feeling’s mutual from physiological responses to body language signals. You’ll start at their pupils after you’ve read this article. 10 Signs Your Crush Wants To Be MORE THAN FRIENDS

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Today we‘re sharing 10 signs your crush wants to be MORE THAN FRIENDS.

#01   Mirroring

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this is totally true when it comes to signs that your crush likes you. We’re talking about them copying your posture. Next time you’re chatting with your crush, watch their body language closely. Not just that, but pay attention to your own, too.

Are they mirroring what you’re doing? Obvious things to look out for are whether you’re both crossing your legs in the same way, or if your arms are in the same position. Take a look at where your hands are, and if they’re copying you. They won’t be doing this on purpose.

It’s subconscious thing that we all do when we’re attracted to someone. We switched our body posture to match theirs to signal that we’re engaged and interested. It’s called limbic synchrony, and it’s a form of non-verbal connection that stretches all the way back to our time in the womb.

Babies match their body functions and heartbeats to match their mother’s. it can be done on purpose, too. This usual happens in business meeting, rather than romantic settings. But if your crush wants you to know they’re interested, they’ll deliberately mirror what you’re doing. This is a proven technique to build rapport. However, chances are they won’t even know they’re doing it.

So you can pick up on their true feelings by watching their posture. If you want to send them a signal about your true feelings, try subtly copying their body language. Read More Signs you’re in the friend zone

#02   Eye Contact

There’s making eye contact, and then there’s really making eye contact does it ever feel like your crush is gazing right into your very soul? Psychological studies have found that people look at those they like more than those they don’t. That makes total sense. After all, if you like what you see, you’re going to want to keep on looking. And people will look more at those they find attractive.

But zone in on the direction of that gaze, and you can learn even more. If someone is genuinely interested in what you’re saying, they’ll be looking right into your eyes. You’ve probably felt this yourself at various times. Sometimes, it can get so intense you have to look away! However, maintaining eye contact is definitely a positive sign. But bear in mind that if your crush really doesn’t want you to know that they want to be more than just friends, they might deliberately avoid making eye contact.

They might even wear sunglasses, in an attempt to disguise the fact that they’re gazing at you. it’s pretty confusing, right? But generally speaking, if there’s a lot of eye contact or none at all, then you’re probably onto a winner. You can test this theory by gazing at your crush from across the room. If they turn and lock eyes with you, they’re probably interested. If they avert their gaze, then not so much.

#03   “Accidental” Touching

It’s not just the way they look at you that signals their attraction, it’s also the way they touch you. We’ve all heard about “footsy” as a flirting technique. And if your crush has ever “Accidentally” stroked their foot against yours under the table, you might want to take that as a sign that they’re into you.

They might will do this on purpose when they’re ready to show their true feelings. But it can also happen genuinely by accident. Their attraction to you could be acting like a magnet, pulling them towards you without their conscious thought. Some areas of the body also signal attraction more than others. An “accidental” brush of the hand or face is sign that they’re attracted to you. in a field experiment carried out to establish the various meanings conveyed by different touching, the researcher discovered that the touching of hands and faces expressed the most intimacy.

This works the other way too. You can show signs that you’re interested with some subtle “Accidental” touching. And studies show that when you touch another person, they become more attracted to you. so pay attention how they respond. If you brush past their leg, and they reciprocate, that’s a great sign. If they immediately pull away, it might mean they’re not interested. Of course, you always need to stay aware of consent, and be respectful of your crush’s personal space. Read More  Signs of a jealous friend

#04   Sweaty Palms

“Accidentally” touching your crush’s hands will also give you information about how they feel about you. Are their palms a bit moist? A sweaty palm is a classic sign that the person is experiencing feelings of attraction. That’s because of the “Love chemicals” we release when we’re attracted to someone. Certain chemical reactions take place inside our brains when we see someone we like.

Researchers have used MRI scans to watch how the brain reacts when that person is looking at a photo of the object of their affection. And the scans have shown increased blood flow in the areas where there are lots of receptors for dopamine. This is known as the “Pleasure Chemical,” as it is associated with states of euphoria and happiness. High levels of this are also associated with nor epinephrine, which is the chemical that excites us.

It’s a bit like adrenaline, and it gets the pulse racing. The anthropologist Helen fisher from Rutgers University found that men release this “cocktail of love rapture” more readily than women. That’s because they tend to have a more visual nature. In addition to making our palms sweat, these chemicals also make our hearts beat faster. So try to figure out if your crush has sweaty palms and a fast heart rate when they’re around you. And notice if you have this physical response when you’re near them, too. Those “Love Chemicals” don’t lie!

#05   Blushing

Have you ever blushed when you’ve been near your crush? This is a physiological response that you have no control over. It can be totally embarrassing. But it can also be very revealing if you spot this physical reaction in your crush when they’re around you. Our blood flow rushes to our faces when we’re attracted to someone.

It’s a primal way that the body tries to attract a mate. The flushing of the face mimics our appearance when we’re at the ultimate point of arousal. In fact, this is why women started wearing blush: to mimic this state and attract a partner. It’s an evolutionary way to bring partners together to reproduce. Of course, blushing doesn’t always equal attraction. On a physiological level, we blush because a rush of adrenaline has widened the capillaries that carry blood to the skin.

Scientists explain blushing in relation to the fight or flight response. If you can’t put up a fight or make a run for it, you wear the stress of a difficult or confusing situation on your face. Perhaps your crush blushes when they see you precisely because they feel awkward about their true feelings. One thing’s for sure: you can’t fake blushing. Unless you use blush, of course! But a real blush is uncontrollable, involuntary, and oh so revealing. Read More   Items that make women more attractive to men

#06   Hair Touching

We’ve already seen how “Accidental Touching” can signal attraction. That involves your crush brushing against your hand briefly, or moving a strand of hair from your face. But it also works the other way. As in, your crush touching their own hair. This “self-touching” is also a sign of being attracted to the person you’re with.

And it’s mainly related to the hair. It’s a bit of a flirting cliché, but it’s thought that women play with their hair to signal their interest. But it’s not just women who engage in this behavior. Men, too, might lightly brush their fingers through their locks. Or if they’ve got short hair, they might run their hand down the back of their neck. This can indicate that he’s feeling a bit flustered and unsure.

And we all know how being in the presence of someone we’re attracted to can make us feel a bit shy. It’s not just hair, however, but also other parts of the body. Your crush might run their hand over their thigh, or rub their own shoulder. These subtle actions can be a subconscious reaction to being near someone they find attractive. So make sure you keep an eye on your crush’s body language next time you meet up.

#07   Remembering

When someone’s really interested in you, they remember everything. It’s likely that your BFF knows your favorite color and what flavor chips you like best. But if your crush remembers these things too, then chances are they’re totally into you.

Of course, remembering important dates is a big deal like your birthday, a special anniversary, or your graduation. But it’s also the little things that can be very revealing. Like if they order you a drink and ask the bartender to leave out the ice because they know your teeth are sensitive to cold. Or if they pick up a DVD because they recalled you saying you loved that particular actor.

If they’re paying attention to these small but really personal things about you, then there’s got to be a reason for that. And it’s likely to do with how much they want to know you. if they’re acting on it, then that’s and even better indication that they want to please you and make you happy. And that sounds like a pretty excellent start to a relationship. You can check your own level of interest too, by asking yourself how well you remember all the tiny details you’ve picked up about your crush. Read More   10 Signs a Man wants you

#08   Making an Effort

If your crush is a friend, chances are you hang out quite a bit together. Perhaps you go to watch the game together, grab a drink on a Friday night, or even head to the movie theater now and then. But if you’re getting the impression that they’ve started t like you more than just friends, pay close attention to the way they present themselves when in your company.

Did they used to wear casual clothes that you’ve seen a hundred times, but now they’re dressing a bit smarter in new outfits? How about their appearance? Does it seem like they’ve been paying special attention to their grooming regime recently?  These are signs that they’re making more of an effort to look their best when they’re around you.

And that could signal their romantic intentions towards you. of course this could also just be because they’ve got a new job and smartened up their act. Or they’re trying harder because they want to impress someone else. But it’s likely you’d know about either of those scenarios if that were the case. If it feels like they’ve put in the effort especially for you, then chances are they’re interested in being more than just friends. Try complimenting them on their new haircut, or fresh shirt, and see how they respond.

#09   Lip Biting & Licking

What a person does with their lips can reveal a lot about how they’re feeling. If you see a plate of food that you like the look of, you might literally lick your lips in anticipation of the delicious meal. And the same goes for looking at a person you’re attracted to. Of course, your crush might lick their lips because they’re dry or chapped.

Or it might just be a habit or a tic. It can even be a sign of lying. But some people do subconsciously lick their lips whenever they’re excited about something that’s because their crush of positive energy goes in that direction. So if they do it when they’re looking at you, it means they’re excited. Hopefully that’s not just because they’re thinking of food, though! It can also be done on purpose, as classic sign of flirting.

You can tell that this is the case if it looks slow and deliberate, and starts at the corner of the mouth, going over the top lip and then across the bottom. Biting the bottom lip is another classic flirting signal. This is typically more common in women than men. It can be done deliberately, as a way of emphasizing full lips. Read More   Love signs: How to know you’re in Love?

#10   Dilating Pupils

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And when you see something, or someone, you like, those windows get bigger. There are chemical processes happening in the brain that make our pupils dilate. As we’ve already learned, when we see something we like, our brains release dopamine.

Not only does this make our palms sweat, but it also excites the nerve endings in our eyes, which makes them dilate. Sure, they also expand in dim light, to help us see better. Btu it’s well known that pupils dilate when we experience attraction. It works the other way too. Studies have shown that people are more attracted to those with dilates pupils.

And they weren’t even aware of the pupils being enlarged. So it’s a subconscious response. In fact, women used to put belladonna plant extract in their eyes, to dilate their pupils in a bid to attract men. This also damaged their vision, so definitely don’t try this at home! It’s thought that, in evolutionary terms, men had a preference for women with large pupils due to their re-productively strategy.

A study shown that women’s pupils dilate widest while looking at a prospective partner during ovulation. So that’s perfect timing for successful reproduction. You’ll be starting at your crush’s pupils so hard the next time you meet up!

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