10 Questions for Mental Age Test

You know what your actual age is, of course, but did you ever wonder about your mental age test?

10 Questions for Mental Age Test

We’ve got 10 fun questions to help you discover more about yourself. Remember to take this quiz with a pinch of salt. It’s just a bit of fun, but it can reveal some really interesting things about you.

Now we’ve got 10 questions for mental age test.

How do you feel about your birthday?

Our first question is all about birthdays. But before we get onto that, let’s start with a quick rundown of how this quiz works. You’ll want to note down you answers, so have your phone or a pen and paper close at hand. We’ll ask a question, and give you a choice of three answers.

Mental Age Test

These are multiple choice questions, named AJ, BJ, and CJ. Pick the one that you’re drawn to first. Try not to think about it too much! We tend to reveal more about ourselves when we let our instincts guide. Remember, this is mean to be a fun quiz, we’re not claiming to be psychologists! But some of your answers might just surprise you. And you might learn some revealing things about yourself.

Note down whether you choose AJ, BJ, or CJ each time. So now it’s time for the first question. In your opinion, birthdays are… AJ something to ignore, thank you very much. BJ, time to get together with the family. Or CJ the perfect excuse to party.

Have you chosen your answers? Great. Throughout this quiz, we’re going to give you three different statements to choose from. Each of them typically corresponds to a certain age group. We’re not going to tell you what your answers reveal about your mental age until the very end, though. So let’s move on the second question.

What’s your opinion of social media?

Most of us have a strong opinion about social media. You might love it or loathe it. It might be totally indispensable to you, or not even feature in your life. And that can reveal a lot about your mental age. So let’s get onto our question, and your three choices of answers. Do you find social media: AJ confusing and / or boring? BJ helpful, but too distracting. Or CJ essential.

Mental Age Test

Remember to go with your gut reaction. Chances are you’re pretty clear on your view when it comes to this question. If you are a social media user, it’s also interesting to think about which particular social media channel is your favorite. Think of this as a little bonus question. We’re not keeping score on this one! But it’s worth probing this topic further, just for fun.

Do you love connecting with old school friends on Facebook? Or is twitter your go to app, to keep up with current affairs? Perhaps Instagram is top of your list to check each morning, because you want to see what your favorite celebrities have been doing. What do you think that says about you? Take a moment to think about what role social media plays in your life. And whether you’re happy with that, or if you’d like to make some changes.

What’s your favorite method of communication?

While we’re on the subject of social media, this next question involves that area too. But question 3 is specifically to do with how you most commonly get in touch with people. Unless you’re a hermit or you’ve shut yourself away from the world, you communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances on a daily basis. And we’re interested in finding out what method of communication you prefer. So let’s discover your answer to that question.

Mental Age Test

How do you best like to make contact with others? Choose from AJ letters really are the best. BJ a text message or phone call. Or CJ social media, snap-chat, or anything on my device. Note down your answer and then take a moment to think about all of the different people in your life. Are there some people who prefer to contact you in a different way to others? Do your grandparents love to send you handwritten cards and letters? While your parents usually drop you a text.

And your friends hit you up on messenger. This is a great opportunity to consider how you extend your methods of communication to connect with certain people in the ways they like best. Perhaps you could try something new, and make their day. Very few of us limit ourselves to just one way of keeping in touch, but it’s always a great idea to keep pushing the boundaries and having new experiences.

What do you think about the age of the current President or Prime Minister?

Whenever there’s any question to do with politics, it can be polarizing. But we’re not asking you about your opinion of how your current number one in power goes about the job of running the country. Party alliances and political leanings can’t be categorized in relation to age. But we’re asking you about your leader. And we want you to focus on your thoughts about the age of that person.

Mental Age Test

Try to put aside your personal opinion about the rest of their personality we know it’s hard! So let’s get right to it, and ask you what you think about the age of your current president or prime minister. AJ too young. BJ age doesn’t matter ; I’m more interested in the policies. Or CJ too old. Of course, age isn’t the most important aspect of a leader.

But our thoughts about their age can reveal insights into how we view the world, and our place in it. It can also provide information about how we feel in relation to the political system. It’s natural instinct to want to be led by someone who is like us, who is similar to us not only in terms of beliefs, but also in terms of their place in time. Did they grow up with similar cultural experiences to us, or are they part of a much older or younger generation? If your leader is much older or younger than you, this might make you feel a disconnect.

What‘s your favorite type of TV show?

After that heavy question, let’s lighten things up a bit and move on from politics to entertainment. And most of us enjoy a particular type of TV show. Sure, many of us watch all kinds of different stuff. But we’re pretty sure you have a favorite category. What do you set up to record?

Mental Age Test

What do you look forward to the most? If it’s too hard to think in general terms, picture your favorite series. Perhaps you love real life shows, about nature, or history, or politics. Or perhaps you get really excited for every season of “game of thrones.” You love the drama, and the intelligent escapism. Or maybe you’re all about “keeping up with the Kardashian.” You just want to slump in front of the television and be entertained by the crazy antics of celebrities.

Don’t be shy to admit what you truly love. Nobody’s judging! And nobody need know what answer you choose for this question, or any question in this quiz, for that matter. So here are your three choices when it comes to your favorite kind of series. AJ documentaries. BJ dramas. CJ reality shows. If your actual favorite show doesn’t fall under any of these categories, then simply think about which of the three we’ve mentioned you like best.

What would you prefer after winning the lottery?

Whether you call it lotto, the lottery, or there’s a different way of winning cash in your country, this question is all about coming into a large amount of money unexpectedly. There are no ties, just loads of cash that’s yours to spend. Winning the lottery would be a dream come true for pretty much anyone, right?

Mental Age Test

But what sets us apart is what we’d do with all that cash. And how we view wealth can tell us a lot about our mental age. Of course, attitudes towards money aren’t just dictated by our mental age. Personal experience, social standing, family history, and cultural factors all play a huge part in our relationship with money. But let’s strip it right down, and see what we can learn about our mindset by asking ourselves the question: what would you do if you won the lottery?

AJ get the gutter fixed, then put the rest aside for rainy day. BJ pay off the mortgage and clear all debts. Or CJ go on a shopping spree, party hard, and treat my friends. If you find it too difficult to imagine receiving a huge sum of money, think instead about getting a generous bonus at work. Would you AJ save it, BJ pay off your credit card, or CJ blow it on a night out?

What are your hobbies?

How we spend our downtime says a lot about us. There are certain hobbies that are associated with particular age groups. So if you’re partaking in an actually that’s more typical of a different generation, perhaps your mental age is more in line with that group. Of course, we appreciate that people have many hobbies, and can have a wide range of interests.

Mental Age Test

We’ve grouped together a few hobbies in each option. It might be confusing if your favorites are spread across the multiple choices. So in the contexts of this question, focus on your number one hobby. If you could only do one, which would it be? Let’s get to the three options now. What are your hobbies? AJ crafts, gardening, and card games. BJ running, cooking, and yoga. Or CJ gaming, partying, and extreme sports. Now take a moment to think about how you spend your spare time, and if you find it truly fulfilling.

Consider trying out something new if you’re not totally happy with your current hobbies, or encourage friends and family to join in if you really love your activities. No matter what’s your mental or chronological age, there’s always time to do something different.

What’s your favorite drink?

We all go through life having different favorites at different times. It might even be the case that your go-to drinks changes depending on the time of day, or the day of the week. Perhaps you always need to start your morning with a coffee, but actually prefer to sip on a can of soda for the rest of the day.

Mental Age Test

Or maybe you drink a lot of water through the day during the week, but treat yourself to a soda at the weekend when your order takeout. We get that it’s difficult to sum up your preferences in one reductive multiple choice question. But that’s what we’re asking you to do! And remember this is just a fun way to learn a bit more about your mental age.

You might be in your 40s, but still think like a 20-something. Or you might be in your early 30s, but already have a mindset of people past retirement age. Let’s see if this question helps shed any light on that for you. So here we go: what’s your favorite beverage? AJ a hot drinks, because you can’t beat a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. BJ water, because it’s the sensible option. Or CJ a soda, because it tastes so good.

Which snack would you choose?

Naturally, there are hundreds if not thousands of factors that go into making up your mental age. But we’re trying out these 10! And we’re sticking with ones that are fairly natural to answer. Rather than really obscure topics, we’re looking at things that most of us do every day like contacting other people, watching TV, drinking, and eating.

Mental Age Test

And it’s that last one, eating, that we’re zooming in on now, with our penultimate question. Sure, we all know what we should be eating more of, and what we should be cutting down on. But we want to know what you’re actually snacking on. Don’t forget, nobody’s judging you, so be totally honest. The more open you are with these questions, the more insight you’ll get into your true mental age.

And then perhaps you might beside to make some changes, or you’ll be reminded of how happy and comfortable you are being you. So now let’s get to the choices in response to our question about which snack would you choose? AJ an apple. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. BJ I’m too busy making other people snacks to eat them myself. CJ an ice cream. I’m all about instant gratification forgetting about the consequences.

How old do you feel?

This is final question the crux of the issue. You might be 18 in chronological age, but have the mindset of a senior citizen. Or you might have reached the age of 60 years old, but still feel like a teenager in your head.

Mental Age Test

So here’s the question: how old do you feel, and how much more do you think your mind can grow? AJ I feel like I’ve learned pretty much everything I’m going to need. BJ I feel like I’m in the middle of my life. CJ I feel like I’m just starting out, full of responsibilities, and that’s it!

Now let’s move on to the results. Add up how many A’s, B’s and C’s you had noted down. If you chose mostly A’s, you have the mental age of a senior citizen. It’s a generalization of course. But people with a mindset typical of this age group tend to prefer more old fashioned things, like writing letters rather than being on social media, watching documentaries, and sipping a cup of tea. If you shoes mostly B’s, you have the mental age of 30 to 40 something year old. You’re often doing the sensible thing, and looking out for others. If you chose mostly C’s, you have the mental age of a teenager or 20 something. You love to party, drink and eat junk, watch reality TV, and live much of your life via social media. Be sure to share this quiz with your friends, and compare your answers.

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