10 Most Inappropriate Games You Played As A Kid

We all remember playing totally inappropriate games in our childhood as kids. Some of these are involved kissing, guns, and physically play that could lead to some serious injuries.

10 Most Inappropriate Games You Played As A Kid

Here the 10 most inappropriate games you probably played as a kid

#01   Spin The Bottle

There’s nothing like a kissing game to get kids excited and parents worried. Most people played spin the bottle at some point in their childhood. It’s a pretty low tech game, only requiring a bottle and a group of kids sitting around in a circle.

You spin the bottle and have to kiss whoever in points to. Then it’s their turn to spin. Who remembers trying to fix it so the bottle landed on your crush? Spin the bottle has been responsible for many first kisses.

#02   BB Guns

See your kid playing with a gun is a parent’s worst nightmare. But plenty of children remember playing with a BB gun at some point in their childhood. These air guns shot pellets of lead balls at targets. But some kids couldn’t resist the temptation to aim them elsewhere.

BB guns were such an in demand toy in the 1980’s, they were even featured in the 1983 movie “a Christmas story”. Lead character Ralphie Parker was desperate for a red Ryder BB Gun, but he was warned: “you’ll shoot your eye out”. So many parents will have said the same thing to their kids.

#03   Playing Doctor

Kids are naturally curious about each other’s bodies. But when a parent catches their child playing doctor with another kid, it can be a mortifying moment. Many kids probably play the role of doctor-doctor at home, and “Examine” their playmate at home. This might just involve looking in each other’s ears, eyes, and mouths.

But at the most inappropriate level, this involves a thorough inspection of the genitals. It often signals as opportunity for the parent to explain to the child the differences between girls and boys, and the importance of privacy. They’re called private parts for a reason, you know.

#04   Choking Game

For whatever reason, kids love to make each other faint. And the best way to make this happen is to play the choking game. This game is anything but innocent, as it intentionally cuts off the oxygen supple to the brain.

You might hear some kids encouraging each other to do it because it would help them get “high” for free. But it can also lead to severe injury or even death. There’s no way playing choke is an appropriate game for anyone to play. But kids are going to keep on playing it.

#05   Suck & Blow

Suck and blow is way more appropriate for adults than kids. But many of us will remember playing this kissing game at an age when it wasn’t particularly suitable. It involves sucking a piece of paper to stick it to your mouth, and then passing it on the next person blowing it onto theirs.

If the paper falls, then you end up kissing that person instead. This has to be one of the few games everyone wants to “fail” at. Well, when you’re next to the person you have a huge crush on, that is.

#06   Grand Theft Auto

Many Violent video games have long been a controversial topic when it comes to kids playing them. The sexual and violent content of grand theft auto in particular has created a lot of concern among teachers and parents.

So much so, that an education partnership in the UK warned parents that they would be reported the police and social services if they let their kids play video games like grand theft auto and call of duty. Its considered allowing access to such games as “neglectful” on the parents part.

#07   Sock’em Boppers

Children aren’t normally encouraged to hit each other. Unless they’re wearing oversize inflatable gloves, that is. Then it’s totally fine. Or that’s what toy manufacturers would have us believe.

Sock’em Boppers or Soccer Boppers as they’re now known have been around for decades, but got super popular in the late 1990’s. the jingle claimed they were” more fun than a pillow fight”. But many parents didn’t think so, since they basically encouraged fistfights.

#08   Ouija Board

Contacting the spirit world is not an appropriate thing for a child to do. But that didn’t stop lots of us from trying out a Ouija board without pals. Most of us just made our own boards as kids.

All it takes is a piece of paper with numbers, the letters of the alphabet, yes, no and goodbye written on it. You then ask a question to the spirit world, and wait for your finger to be moved to an answer on the board. Totally terrifying, and parents were horrified when Hasbro brought out a Ouija board toy specifically aimed at kids.

#09   Red Rover

Who remembers chanting “red rover, red rover, send player right over”? Red rover has been a very popular playground game for decades. It’s been around for ages in fact, dating back to 19th century Britain. But parents these days aren’t impressed by the physical game.

Some summer camps have even banned the game because it’s considered a dangerous contact sport. It plays with two teams of kids joining hands with their teammates and facing each other. Once the call has gone out, the kid from the opposing team runs as fast as possible at the line, trying to break through the grip, And breaking wrists, arms and shoulders on occasion too. Ouch!

#10   Twister

You’d think an innocent game like twister could be played by all ages. But placing your hands and feet on those colored circles can cross the line into inappropriate territory when played by youngsters.

The face that your face can end up near someone else’s chest or groin is just one example of why this game can get pretty awkward, pretty fast! With various body parts rubbing up against each other, it’s recipe for a lot of inappropriate giggling and blushing.

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