10 Horrible School Teachers Who Shouldn’t be Allowed Near Kids

It’s always a surprise when school teachers are outed as #epic fails, but it happens more often than we’d like to think. Whether they were caught teaching their class drunk or decided to do a raunchy lap dance in front of the whole school, there is the 10 worst school teachers of all time.

10 Horrible School Teachers Who Shouldn’t be Allowed Near Kids

#01   The Accidental Sex Tape

In an embarrassing and major eff up, teacher Crystal Defanti included an x-rated home video in a DVD of classroom memories. Click on one of the DVD menu items and you’ll see children sharing stories, clapping and then a whole lot of sex.

The teacher apologized profusely to parents and warned them not to show it to their kids. That has to be one of the most horrifying things anyone could have done.

#02   The Kidnapper

Former substitute teacher Jennifer Rice from Mckinley elementary school in Tacoma, Washington, was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2009. What did she do exactly? It all started with her obsession over an 11 year old student, which ultimately led her to kidnapping him in 2007.

On their way to an amusement park, they stopped at a rest area, napped and had sex. To her dismay, she returned the boy after police threatened to issue an amber alert that would uncover her identity. If you thought that was bad, it surfaced that she had also sexually assaulted the boy’s 15 years old brother.

#03   The Lap Dancers

For some reason two school teachers at Churchill high school in Winnipeg thought it would be appropriate to do a lap dance at a spirit rally. What started off with some confused laughs, soon tuned into gaping jaws?

There was gyration, butt-slapping and the male teacher even dipped his head down between the female school teacher’s legs. The YouTube video of the dance went viral, but school admin and parents were not impressed. 

#04   The Drunk

Teaching drunk has to be one of the biggest no-nos in the book! But a teacher from California names Tonya Neff was arrested for doing just that.

Police were contacted by school administrators when Neff started showing signs of being intoxicated while teaching her class. The police believed she had mixed prescription drugs with alcohol and she was quickly placed on leave from the school.

#05   The Mocker

When 7 year old Ukaliya Lofton came to class for photo day with Jolly Rachers braided in her hair, her teacher had to snap a picture. She asked Ukailya to pose for the photo so she could show it to her husband, but she instead posted it online.

The photo received comments such as “if you’re going to make your child look ridiculous at least make them matching”. Ukailya’s mother found out and sued the teacher right away. How evil can you be to mock a little 7 year old girl?

#06   The Santa Killer

A female supply teacher was banned from blackshaw lane primary school after telling the young students that Santa wasn’t real. She told them it was actually their parents who put their presents under the tree on Christmas day.

Probably something they would like to tell their kids themselves one day. Parents issued complaints and the head of the school banned her from ever coming back.

#07   The Mouth Taper

A teacher at new renaissance middle school was under fire for taping student’s mouth shut. 13 year old Jazlyn freed told her mother that her teacher placed tape on her mouth when wouldn’t stop talking and again when she took it off to cough.

She said, “The teacher told her that happened in her class room that was just a joke”. It doesn’t seem so funny to us.

#08   The Humiliater

Former teacher Elizabeth Davies was fired from her job over ‘child protection concerns’. She would spray Asian children with air fresher if they smelled like curry in the mornings and told Bangladeshi students who smelled like onions and curry “ there’s a waft coming in from paradise” before spraying them.

She also sprayed children who farted, washed their hands with pine disinfectant and made them stand over newspaper if they wet themselves. Did we mention that the children were aged between three and six?

#09   The Erotic Novel

The racy novel” Stop! Don’t read this” was self published by British teacher Leonora Rustamova. Five of her students inspired the troubled teenage protagonists who swear, steal, skip class and flirt with their teacher.

She describes two of the students as ‘gorgeous Mr. Gay UK finalists’ saying she would do anything for one of their smiles. She also wrote things such as: “It’s getting harder and harder to see them as just kids”. She was sacked following a disciplinary hearing, but really, what was she thinking?

#10   The Sperm Cookies

Mark Berndt, a third grade teacher from Los Angeles, blindfolded his students and made them eat cookies that were laced with his semen. This had been going on since the early 80s and was discovered when a photo pharmacy clerk called police to report photos of blindfolded kids being developed by Berndt.

Investigators uncovered 800 photos of kids eating sperm cookies, eating semen from a spoon and forced to have roaches crawl on them. His behavior was exposed in 2012 and $140 million settlement was paid to victims. How totally sick and twisted.

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